Blending centuries-old Spanish and Moorish traditions with arabesque design, our ceramic-based garden tables and fountains boast exotic patterns and a cool yet vibrant color palette. Primarily sourced from the city of Fez, our sturdy yet elegant tables and majestic fountains are handcrafted in artisan workshops and feature geometrically patterned mosaic tiles, some of which are done in the zellige style. A hallmark of  Moroccan design, these beautiful, eye-catching indoor/outdoor garden tables and stunningly configured fountains are exquisite additions to any patio, atrium or courtyard.


Our decorative items--including lamps, vases, chests and specialty plates--possess a stunning attention to detail and intricate design schemes that will bring a uniquely regal sense of style and elegance into your home or living space. Painstakingly fashioned in the workshops of master artisans and relying on generations of traditional knowledge and know-how, these dazzling home decor items feature a sumptuously divergent range of colors and patterns. In particular, our vases, lamps and chests may possess elaborate filigree or latticework, many of which incorporate precious metals and Moorish or arabesque design components. Simply stated, these are objects of enduring beauty that will accentuate the ambiance of your surroundings.


Our dazzling collection of hand-woven Moroccan rugs come from the small village of Taznacht high in the Atlas mountains to south of Marrakesh. Exclusively created by female artisans employing ancient methods passed down through countless generations, these beautiful, mesmerizing rugs are made with high-quality, locally sourced 100% wool. From the days of antiquity, these carpets have provided a way to welcome visitors, brighten interior rooms and showcase a sense of prosperity.

The gorgeous, captivating and entirely unique designs of our rugs derive not only from the fertile imaginations of the weavers, but also from archaic regional patterns, Berber traditions and a host of tribal symbols that communicate geography, climate, local events and more. It's not uncommon for some rugs to be dense in imagery while other remain sparse and subtle. Bold, radiant colors alternate with muted desert tones, all of which are created from natural sources mostly consisting of handcrafted dyes from plants and spices. Attractive and alluring, these gorgeously textured and visually pleasing rugs and runners will provide a cordial elegance to any room, wall, hall or entryway.


The vast majority of Atlas Showroom's beautiful handcrafted ceramics (vases, jugs, ashtrays, jars, earthenware, etc.) come from the seaside city of Safi--the acknowledged capital of Moroccan pottery. Here, master artisans fashion beautiful pottery using centuries-old techniques. Influenced by Andalusian, Moorish and, of course, Berber traditions, these artisans work with the rich local clay, first removing all air bubbles by stomping upon it and then beginning to mold and sculpt the desired forms.

This is just the first part of a multi-step process that includes setting aside objects to air dry for several days before firing them in kilns in temperatures up to 1800F. At this point, the process continues with the addition of design elements: geometric, arabesque, floral or other regional patterns, often etched in bright, vivid colors. Glazes are then added to further enhance and preserve the rich colors before returning the objects to the kilns where they will bake to perfection in temperatures often exceeding 2000F.


Our lovely handcrafted furniture sets and individual pieces come from the workshops of master artisans in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. Here, in the vibrant hub of a bustling medina, traditional craftsmen assiduously design, create and assemble the magnificent tables, chairs, chests, sofas, tabourets, dividers and fountains that we feature in our online showroom. Intricate geometrical patterns and exotic designs can be found throughout our collections, as well as all the luxuriance that comes with high-quality hand-carved wood and fine hand-tooled leather. Our furniture selections are the perfect choice when considering ways to add an exotic splash of elegance and regal comfort to your living space.