My experiences living in both Europe and the United States and my passion for international travel have enabled me to appreciate different cultures and, most importantly, helped me to better reflect on my home country of Morocco and the rich, diverse culture that surrounded me while growing up there.

While I now call New York City home, I feel that sharing the ancient culture of Morocco through refined artisan goods is not only a way to pay tribute to my homeland, but to bring happiness to others by offering them something new and unique. On a personal level, bringing Moroccan art to the U.S. has made me feel as if both countries are closer than they appear, not necessarily geographically, but spiritually.

I have long appreciated various kinds of art that seek to inspire and also see beauty in the commitment and pride of artists and artisans the world over. However, I find the traditions and practices of Moroccan artisans particularly complex and intriguing, as they mirror the eras of success and glory of Morocco.

Wafah Jehou

More about the owner

Wafah Jehou brings over a decade of experience working with leading international Financial and IT companies in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Prior to Founding Atlas Gallery LLC, she successfully served reputable Wall Street brokers specializing in Foreign Exchange, Futures, Options and Commodities trading services. Additionally, as a licensed New York City real estate broker, Wafah has demonstrated a detailed knowledge of both the residential and commercial real estate market and possesses exceptional negotiation and relationship management skills.

Wafah holds an MBA from Tennessee Technological University and also a Master’s degree in International Management from ESC International Business School of Rennes, France. She is also fluent in French, Arabic and English. In her spare time, Wafah enjoys playing tennis, practicing yoga, reading, traveling and learning about international cultures.