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About Atlas Showroom


Established in 2014 by the visionary entrepreneur, Wafah Jehou, Atlas Showroom stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of hand-crafted, vintage, and antique treasures, proudly nestled in the vibrant heart of New York, USA.

Our curated collection is a testament to the artistry of bygone eras, spanning diverse periods and artisanal traditions. We hold a particular reverence for contemporary, mid-century modern, art deco, and Moroccan design, while also cherishing century-old European and American gems. Within our hallowed halls, you'll discover an opulent array of fine furniture, opulent lighting fixtures, meticulously crafted period accessories, and original works of fine art - all readily available for your discerning eye.

At Atlas Showroom, we are staunch advocates of the unique and the bespoke. Our custom furniture and lighting creations are crafted with unrivaled precision, tailored to your individual preferences.

With a global clientele that spans the far reaches of the world, Atlas Showroom has become the trusted design resource for illustrious architecture firms, renowned interior designers, and even celebrated personalities. Our pieces transcend mere furnishings; they transform spaces into captivating narratives, gracing both luxurious residences and upscale commercial establishments, from high-end retail spaces to lavish hospitality venues.

We pride ourselves on our multilingual capabilities, offering services in English, French, Arabic and Spanish, ensuring that every client, regardless of their language of choice, feels understood and valued. Whether you're seeking to elevate your surroundings or acquire a cherished piece of history, Atlas Showroom is at your service. We seamlessly facilitate shipping, both nationally and internationally, to bring the essence of our curated collection to your doorstep, wherever that may be.

About the Owner 
Wafah Jehou founded Atlas Showroom in 2014 as a labor of love. As Lead Furniture and Lighting Designer, she works with a team of artisans to create custom furniture and lighting. As Chief "Scout" she sources vintage and antique hard and soft furnishings — tables, chairs, cabinetry, outdoor furniture, textiles, rugs, lighting, decorative objects, accessories and fine art — from artists, artisans and collectors worldwide. As CEO, she was responsible for the company's successful expansion from its original Moroccan-led design focus to an eclectic series of collections that now also include Mid-century modern , century-old antique and period European and American furnishings and fine arts.
The company name hints at the international range of the business — and its owner. An "atlas" is a directory of maps and a showroom makes them visible. Together, they also trace Jehou's history. The Moroccan-born designer also has an MBA from Tennessee Technological University and a Master’s in International Management from ESC International Business School in Rennes, France. After early business training in Germany, she split her time between New York City, the Middle East and Europe prior to founding Atlas Showroom. The company's aesthetic range would soon follow in her peripatetic path but, in the early days, Jehou concentrated on the warm geometry of Moucharabieh style fundamental to classical Moroccan furniture and now the basis of Modern Moroccan: "I wanted to serve as a bridge to the exquisite," Jehou says. "There are many kinds of beauty, and I wanted to offer clients a version they didn't see every day."
In keeping with that mission, she designed tables, chairs, cabinets and other furnishings rooted in the traditions of Fez and Marrakesh, cities known for their filigree style, their brass work, their use of stone — and their use of camel bone — and then had them built by Moroccan artisans, schooled in the intricate handmade techniques of classical Morocco. She curated the furniture in her New York showroom alongside Berber-made rugs, Moroccan pendants and hand-woven textiles, some of which she also designed herself. The results quickly attracted a client base as enamored of high-quality décor as she was: individual design aficionados, architects, interior and set designers, retailers with design-driven brands.

Inspired by the aesthetic sweep of those who routinely integrated her work into theirs, Jehou began providing custom orders and stocking vintage and antique furnishings from multiple periods and places to meet a wider array of needs: Modern, Hollywood Regency, Mid-Century Modern, Georgian Revival, Deco, Victorian, Art Nouveau pieces from Italy, France, the Great Britain, the United States and elsewhere. In 2017, she founded a second company to accommodate growing demand. 1st Source Consignment helps retail clients, interior designers and collectors connect with buyers seeking unique treasures, vintage jewelry, original art, rare collectibles and period furnishings online and in-store. 

Over the last several years, Jehou's home goods have been honored by the company they have kept. Her furnishings were displayed at the Holiday House Hamptons,  Florida Show House in the 2nd Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach and the inaugural kips Bay decorator shophouse Dallas. Her custom work has been featured at major event venues and by high-end hoteliers, including Manhattan's luxury midtown Bryant Park Hotel, The Chelsea Hotel and the Fifth avenue hotel. She recently provided an entire wing of a mansion in New York's Hamptons with bespoke furnishings. Her designs have also appeared on the sets of the CBS television show Bull and the Showtime series Billions and just like that: season 2.