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The vast majority of Atlas Showroom's beautiful handcrafted ceramics (vases, jugs, ashtrays, jars, earthenware, etc.) come from the seaside city of Safi--the acknowledged capital of Moroccan pottery. Here, master artisans fashion beautiful pottery using centuries-old techniques. Influenced by Andalusian, Moorish and, of course, Berber traditions, these artisans work with the rich local clay, first removing all air bubbles by stomping upon it and then beginning to mold and sculpt the desired forms.

This is just the first part of a multi-step process that includes setting aside objects to air dry for several days before firing them in kilns in temperatures up to 1800F. At this point, the process continues with the addition of design elements: geometric, arabesque, floral or other regional patterns, often etched in bright, vivid colors. Glazes are then added to further enhance and preserve the rich colors before returning the objects to the kilns where they will bake to perfection in temperatures often exceeding 2000F.
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