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Our dazzling collection of hand-woven Moroccan rugs come from the small village of Taznacht high in the Atlas mountains to south of Marrakesh. Exclusively created by female artisans employing ancient methods passed down through countless generations, these beautiful, mesmerizing rugs are made with high-quality, locally sourced 100% wool. From the days of antiquity, these carpets have provided a way to welcome visitors, brighten interior rooms and showcase a sense of prosperity.

The gorgeous, captivating and entirely unique designs of our rugs derive not only from the fertile imaginations of the weavers, but also from archaic regional patterns, Berber traditions and a host of tribal symbols that communicate geography, climate, local events and more. It's not uncommon for some rugs to be dense in imagery while other remain sparse and subtle. Bold, radiant colors alternate with muted desert tones, all of which are created from natural sources mostly consisting of handcrafted dyes from plants and spices. Attractive and alluring, these gorgeously textured and visually pleasing rugs and runners will provide a cordial elegance to any room, wall, hall or entryway.
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