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Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Tea Set , 4 Pieces

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A set of 5 English Wedgwood Jasperware decorative tea serving pieces in “Wedgwood Blue”. The set is composed of tea pot, a creamer, bombonier and sugar bowl. Each piece features a white design depicting high relief acanthus leaves and white sprigged reliefs. About Jasperware: Jasperware, or jasper ware, is a type of pottery first developed by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1770s. Usually described as stoneware, it has an unglazed matte "biscuit" finish and is produced in a number of different colors, of which the most common and best known is a pale blue that has become known as Wedgwood blue. Relief decorations in contrasting colors (typically in white but also in other colors) are characteristic of jasperware, giving a cameo effect. The reliefs are produced in moulds and applied to the ware as sprigs. After several years of experiments, Wedgwood began to sell jasperware in the late 1770s, at first as small objects, but from the 1780s adding large vases. It was extremely popular, and after a few years many other potters devised their own versions. Wedgwood continued to make it into the 21st century. Stamped in the back. Measures: Biggest 8" H x 7.5" W x 4" D.

Period: 1930's

Condition: Good- Wear is consistent with age and use.

Style: Victorian

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