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Salvador Dali The Divine Comedy Inferno Canto 5 and 33 Framed and Signed, 1960

$ 3,500.00

A fine and precious surrealist woodblock prints by Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) of the acclaimed Dante's Divine Comedy and published by Foret/Les Heures Claires in 1960. The male illustration is inferno canto 5 titled "Minos" and is signed by Dali and the female piece is inferno Canto 33 titled "The Betrayers of Their Hosts", unsigned.

About Salvador Dali: Salvador Dali was born in Figueras, Spain in 1904. a classically trained artist, Dali is considered one of the greatest draftsmen of the twentieth century, and was the single greatest influence on so many of today’s artists.

About the Divine Comedy: The Divine Comedy is the major work of Italian literature written by DANTE Alighieri between ( Italian 1265-1321) between 1307 and 1321. The work of Dante is composed of three parts (Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven) including 100 Cantos. Through his work, Dante explores hell, purgatory and heaven while searching for God . Dali was at first commissioned by the Italian government to paint his representation of each Canto. In 1958, the newly elected government objected the idea to let a foreigner represent the Dante's illustration . Dali then signed a contract with the French publishers Joseph Foret and Jean Estrade.

Period: 1960's

Condition: Good- Wear is consistent with age and use. 

Style: Mid Century Modern

Dimensions: 13.5" W 17.75" H 1.5" D- each framed.