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Modern Impressionist European City Street Oil on Canvas by Ambrose, Signed

$ 1,800.00

A oil on canvas painting depicting a lively street scene in a European city possibly Paris. The buildings have a classic, old-world charm, with varied facades and colorful awnings. In the foreground, there are several figures walking and interacting, adding a dynamic element to the painting. The central part of the street is lined with trees, providing a natural contrast to the urban setting.
The painting is rendered in a somewhat impressionistic style, with loose, expressive brushstrokes that capture the atmosphere and light of the scene more than fine details. The colors are soft and muted, dominated by blues, greys, and earthy tones, with touches of brighter hues on the awnings and clothing of the figures. The artwork is signed "AMBROSE" in the bottom right corner, indicating the artist's name. The painting is framed in an ornate gold frame with intricate detailing, enhancing its classic and elegant appearance.

Dimensions: 28” H x 32” W x 2.25” D
Unframed - 20” H x 23.75” W

Style: Impressionist

Period: 1980's

Condition: Good. Wear consistent with age and use.

Shipping: Please contact us for a shipping quote or call 646.548.3588