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French Art Nouveau Mahogany Frame Mirror in Butterfly Shape

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An antique French Art Nouveau Mahogany wood carved mirror, gracefully fashioned in the likeness of a butterfly. At the heart of this mirror's allure lies its hand-carved frame meticulously crafted to emulate the ethereal and delicate wings of a butterfly. Each intricately detailed contour and flourish of the frame is a reverent homage to the sinuous lines and organic forms that define the Art Nouveau movement—a visual symphony that arouses both fascination and admiration.
The pinnacle of the mirror's apex is graced by a grandiose leaf, rendered in gilt wood. This singular element, crowned with the radiant luster of gilded splendor, serves as a luminous centerpiece amidst the wings of the butterfly.

The mirror, born of an epoch in the early 1900s, retains not only its timeless aesthetic appeal but also its intrinsic functionality, making it a versatile adornment suitable for various settings. Whether adorning the mantel, gracing the entryway, it exudes an air of sophistication and whimsy that transcends the boundaries of time.

Dimensions: 56” H x 39” W x 5” D

Style: Art Nouveau

Period: 1900's

Condition: Good. Refinished. Wear consistent with age and use. Some minor scratches to the surface.

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