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Antique VictorLA Model VV-XI Phonograph in Queen Anne Style Mahogany Cabinet

$ 1,275.00

The Antique VictorLA, a quintessential exemplar of auditory refinement, emerges in the form of the illustrious Model VV-XI phonograph Record Player, meticulously crafted by Victor Talking Machine and Co. This auditory marvel is enshrined within an exquisite mahogany wood cabinet in Queen Anne style, wherein the harmonious union of artistry and functionality takes center stage.

The cabinet's form graciously accommodates two designed shelves, each adorned with a pair of doors that serve as gateways to a treasury of auditory treasures.
The VictorLA phonograph cabinet comes with a venerable collection of 75 original records, offering a sonic voyage through a bygone era, where melodies and voices once echoed from the depths of this magnificent phonographic apparatus. The historical significance of this trove, capturing the essence of a bygone auditory epoch, renders this antique phonograph a cherished heirloom of both aesthetic and cultural value.

Notably, the phonograph cabinet bears the indelible mark of its distinguished manufacturer as shown in the listing photos. In the embrace of this Antique Victoria Talking Machine, one is transported to a time when music was cherished not only for its ephemeral beauty but also for the eloquent craftsmanship that housed its melodies, a harmonious fusion of form and function that has eternally endured. 75 records included.

Dimensions: 43” H x 19” W x 22” D

Style: Edwardian

Period: 1900's

Condition: Good. Refinished. Wear consistent with age and use. Minor fading. Some minor scratches to the wood surface and minor small color fading in some areas.

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