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Sourcing beauty, curating magnificence

Our mission is to provide the culturally sophisticated consumer and upscale business with the finest handcrafted, traditional Moroccan goods and artistic furnishings through our extensive online catalogue. By personally sourcing our all-original inventory directly from a diverse range of highly skilled artists and artisans, we’re able to offer an amazingly eclectic cross-section of exquisite home decor items from across Morocco that will elevate style and convey magnificence.


Connecting cultures and elevating style

Atlas Showroom was launched in the fall of 2015 with an eye toward bringing authentic, handcrafted Moroccan goods to the North American luxury market. As one of the most time-honored, culturally rich and temperamentally unique countries in the Arab world, Morocco boasts some of the finest examples of handcrafted carpets, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, furniture, leather and wood–carved goods in the region. Our imports are always made of the highest quality materials available and feature unequaled precision and design elements from our roster of highly skilled artists and artisans.

As enlightened consumers look to Asia, Africa and the Middle East for decorative inspiration and bold choreography, there is tremendous interest in acquiring authentic handmade items that resonate with mesmerizing craftsmanship and timeless beauty. We’re excited to provide a stunning array of options to our customers via our online showroom.

Atlas Showroom not only sources and delivers unique and exclusive artisanal items from across Morocco, but we also hope to serve as ambassadors for the rich, venerated culture of the Moroccan artisan. Leveraging our robust but limited resources, we aim to promote sustainability through fair trade practices and rigorous inspection, while striving for increased visibility of the artisans and their way of life. For without the artisans and their painstaking attention to detail and millennia-old traditions, there would be no enduring practice to share, no hand-wrought majesty, no abiding cultural heritage. It is only through the hard work of these humble, resilient artisans that we are able to share this handcrafted bounty with you today.