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Modern Kintsugi Style Frosted Glass Vase, a Set of 3

$ 975.00

A trio of Modern Kintsugi-style skinny vases, each a unique embodiment of artistry and contemporary design. Crafted in three dimensions—tall, medium, and small—these vases are a testament to the seamless fusion of traditional Kintsugi aesthetics and modern craftsmanship.
Made of sandblasted and frosted glass, where each vase becomes a canvas of texture and sophistication, the vases are adorned with molten color design on the surface. Like rivers of liquid art, the molten colors meander across the glass, creating a mesmerizing dance of hues that captivates the beholder. This Kintsugi-inspired embellishment not only celebrates the beauty of imperfections but elevates these vases to the status of contemporary art pieces.
Whether gracing a tabletop, mantel, or any space yearning for a touch of modern elegance, these vases effortlessly infuse the environment with a sense of refinement and artistic sophistication.

Dimensions: Tall 24” H x 2.5” D, Medium 19” Hx 2.5” W, Small 14.5” H x 2.5” D

Style: Japonisme

Period: 1990's

Condition: Good. Wear consistent with age and use.

Shipping: Please contact us for a shipping quote or call 646.548.3588